Why getting up disgustingly early is good for you…

The latest I ever get up is 6.30am. I don’t start with my first client (currently) until 8.30… so why so early?

I’m 100% committed to the belief that early mornings make you more productive…and here’s why:

  • Proper breakfast: I DO NOT understand people who don’t eat breakfast. It’s bad for you! If you get up earlier your body has more time to adjust to the fact that it’s time to eat. Plus, more time = more pancakes. Jussayin.
  • Exercise: I know, you’re starting to hate me. Every morning I go on a 1.5mile run. It’s not very far and only takes about 15 minutes or less. It gets my heart pumping, wakes me up and makes me feel accomplished for the rest of the day. It also makes me feel less guilty about the pancakes…
  • Hit the emails: If you’re one for checking your emails late into the night – switch that habit up! Any email after 7pm can be dealt with in the morning. Plus, how awesome do you look responding to emails first thing… v.awesome.
  • Time to get ready: That extra half an hour gives you time to ensure you’ve got everything you need for the day. If any emergencies occur in the morning (I’m talking to you random hair/wardrobe/coffee machine malfunctions) you’ve got time to sort it out without getting major anxiety about being late.
  • Chores: Gross right? But it feels SO GOOD to get home to find your washing is dry and the dishwasher has gone through. Give your past self a mini high five.

Vile as it sounds, early mornings have really helped me kickstart my business – and they’re here to stay! I cherish my 3pm playdates with my godchildren, knowing I put in the legwork at 6 or 7am.

Let’s round this post off with a cliché… Work smarter, not harder. Mm K?

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